Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spritz Cookies

**Update: We are putting things on hold for the moment but you can still contact us using the email below**

Vera's Family Cookies is a new Minnesota family business created in memory of our grandma Vera, who passed away last year. She lived a very long, happy and healthy life. Our grandma Vera had a passion for baking delicious desserts. Her spritz cookies, among others, were always a family favorite at holidays and gatherings. Within our family, traditional Swedish recipes handed down from our grandmother are common dishes of the household. At Vera's Family Cookies, our mission is to share our grandma's sensational cookies and celebrate her life filled with love.

Love in cookie form.

Spritz cookies are typically served as a bite-sized treat during the holidays. We plan to offer these cookies year round for customers. Our spritz cookies are handmade from scratch with no preservatives and frozen for freshness. **Warning: As an allergy caution, the cookies do contain almond flavoring**. Vera's Family Cookies currently proposes one size: 30 cookies for $10. We intend to develop a simple, user-friendly site for buying our cookies online. U.S. shipping only!

A single spritz.

If you are interested in purchasing spritz cookies, have a question or comment, please contact us anytime:

Free Cookie Campaign:

Yes, YOU could have the chance to taste our excellent cookies for FREE!! We'll be visiting cities around Minnesota for about a month, passing out spritz cookies and getting to know you. The campaign offer only applies to people appearing in person at locations of choice.

Check our Facebook and Twitter for business information and location details of the free cookie campaign:

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